If you have a dog, or a yard that requires upkeep such as apples, pine cones etc this product is an absolute must have. I rarely fully recommend products but this is truly the best invention I have ever used. It literally takes me mintues to clean my entire yard and there is no worry of anyone coming into contact with any mess. There is no other pooper scooper on the market that remotely comes close to the k-9 Pic-A-Poo pooper scooper!!

Chase Daniel

Here is something you can use as a customer/buyer who is using it for a Great Dane/American Bulldog Mix and a Large Pomeranian Mix.It is the easiest to use, clean, great for those of us who hurt after bending over using other scoopers, picking up, or using a heavy shovel. I find this to best new innovative scooper (unless they make a robot that does it for you).


I have 3 dogs and this is by far the best and only scooper I will ever use. If you try it you won't be sorry. It is the cleanest way to do the dirtiest jobs. All you do is scoop then take the bag off and throw it away.

I bought one of these a few years back in one of the yard stores, probably Canadian tire. Anyways, this little puppy worked like a charm. I have a few big dogs and needless to say, they can be tough to clean up after. After the first time cleaning up their poop with this I was sold. There is no picking it up with a shovel or grabbing it with your hands in a bag, just follow the instructions on the little card on how to attach one of those disposable grocery bags and you will be picking up all sorts of yard treasures. I would recommend the PicAPoo to anyone.

Tyler S.

I have had my K9 Pic A Poo for over 10 years. It is by far the best product out there. Scooping poop is not a fun task but this product makes it so easy. No bending, no stooping. Easy to use and so lightweight. Uses ordinary shopping bags which everyone has a lot of. It also picks up all kinds of yard debris like rocks, crabapples etc. Great product! -

Sharon Strachan

I bought this poop scooper 4 years ago. It's so easy to use and the bags are free at your supermarket. It can even pick up the soft stuff, rocks and other yard debris. With one hand or two it's easy to do...doodoo.My dog likes it also. When we go out I grab the K9Pic-a-poo from beside my door. When my dog sees it she knows it's time to "HURRY-UP". She poops on the command because she knows it makes me happy.

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